“House Extension or Move House: Navigating the Decision Process with Design and Build London”

Many families find themselves at a crossroads when their homes no longer meet their growing needs. The dilemma of whether to extend the current property or embark on the journey of moving to a new house can be both challenging and thought-provoking. At Design and Build London, we understand the complexities of this decision and aim to guide you through the process of evaluating whether an extension or a move is the right solution for you.

Start the Review Process

Every situation is unique, and the decision-making process should begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current position and priorities matter what you are moving or adding a house extension!

Assess Your Investment

Determine the financial investment you’ve made in your home, including any renovations or modifications. Evaluate whether the property’s value has appreciated to a level where selling and starting anew is financially viable.

Calculate the Costs

Project potential costs associated with staying in your current property, including the lifespan of essential systems like boilers or water heaters.

Project Your Space

Identify the reasons prompting your consideration of a move or extension. Understand the additional space you need and explore potential avenues for expansion.

Make the Decision

Once the problem’s extent is clear, you have three options: stay and adapt, sell and buy anew, or opt for a home extension.

Implications of Moving Home

Consider the significant steps involved if you choose to move, including the time it takes to sell, associated fees, removalist costs, and potential expenditures to bring the new property to a marketable condition.

What to Consider When Building an Extension

Alternatively, explore the option of extending your property.

Determine the cost of designing an extension.

Obtain quotes from reputable builders.

Consider the need for planning permission and associated costs.

Compare the overall costs of extending against buying a larger property.

Those Other Factors

Consider intangible factors associated with a move, such as the appeal of the new area and the potential impact on relationships with neighbours.

How to Move Ahead With an Extension

For many in your situation, choosing to stay and extend is a preferred option. Design and Build London, with its renowned expertise, can guide you through the process.

Our Six-Step Process

Site Meeting and Consultation: We discuss your needs and provide a build quote.

Project Feasibility Report: You receive a detailed report outlining the scope of work, duration, and timelines.

Contract and Project Manager Assignment: After your approval, we provide a contract, assign a project manager, and set a start date.

Kick-Off Meeting: A pre-build meeting is arranged to discuss the schedule of work.

Build Commencement: A project foreman and head of projects are assigned for quality assurance.

Completion Certificate: We provide a completion certificate with guarantees, warranties, and necessary certification.

Why Choose Design and Build London?

Design and Build London, a proud member of checkatrade.com with over 700 positive reviews, ensures quality and transparency. As a member of the Local Authority Building Control, we adhere to stringent standards.

With a track record of successful house extensions, we invite you to connect with us at Design and Build London. Let’s begin the journey toward enhancing and transforming your home to meet your evolving needs.