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Our architects weave dreams into reality, where innovation meets aesthetics and functionality embraces sustainability. We take over your project, guiding you through the journey from the beginning of the design concepts, through the different stages of technical development, all the way to project management.


We combine key design principles to elevate environments and create an engaging and welcoming atmosphere for our clientel. From offices and workspaces to apartments and homes, we can transform your aspirations and ideas into unique, distinguished and captivating designs. It is your vision, brought to life with our creativity.


Upon finalizing the design, the construction team comes into play to actualize your project. Our construction services are comprehensive, covering everything from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to complete home renovations, as well as extensions to the back and side of the property and conversions of basements and lofts.


Our team of skilled joiners excel at adding the final exquisite details to your project, crafting unique furniture that seamlessly harmonizes with the overall design. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, we create customized joinery that beautifully compliments your environment. Our joinery enhances any space's atmosphere.

Design and Build London

Design and Build London is based in Fulham, London. We have a team with over two decades of valuable experience and have successfully completed numerous projects throughout London. Whether you’re looking to build a new home, renovate an existing space, or add a touch of elegance through bespoke joinery for your residential or commercial project, we have the knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Our mission is to create a space that achieves our client’s objectives!

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