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Design and Build London have proudly worked on a diverse range of projects throughout London. From the iconic Strand to the prestigious Hans Crescent, we have left our mark on some of London’s most renowned addresses. We have undertaken projects in prime locations such as St. Martin’s Lane, South Kensington, Onslow Gardens, and Marylebone, adding our touch to these dynamic neighbourhoods. Our portfolio extends to the vibrant and eclectic district of Notting Hill, where we have contributed to the area's distinctive character. Our work can also be seen in the desirable residential area of Fulham and Gloucester Road where our designs have made a significant impact. With a proven track record in these prestigious London neighbourhoods, we are confident we can deliver design and construction solutions that elevate spaces and leaves a lasting impression.

A collection of business marketing materials, including cards and brochures, showcasing interior design services.

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